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What is the best use of your time in your business? If you could gain more hours in your day by partnering with Anfield Capital, how would you spend your time? When you are ready to evaluate a potential OCIO (or “Insourced” investment team, as we call it at Anfield), here are some important questions to ask: 

Do they provide people, boots on the ground?   Or are they an advisory-only service?

Do they have a long-term verified performance track record?  

(preferably CFA Institute GIPS)

Do they have a differentiated but an understandable investment philosophy and process?

Will they (or can they) help me get additional assets from current clients?  Win new clients and/or recruit Advisors?

Are they flexible?  Will they create a customized approach based on your needs?   

Are flexible levels of discretion offered?  

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