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So, you’re considering whether you should outsource part or all of your investment management practice. Here are some of the benefits to consider in having Anfield Capital as your “insourced” investment team:

  • Provide better and more consistent investment returns and experience for your clients

  • Differentiate your firm from your competitors 

    • Expand your expertise

    • Improve your risk management and risk monitoring

    • Diversify your offerings 

    • Customize and private label models or products for Advisors

  • Increase client retention and be more competitive in obtaining new, larger accounts

  • Saves time – so you can focus on your clients

  • Strengthen your Advisor recruiting or acquisition strategy

  • Anfield Capital will communicate with you on a regular basis.  Our team of high-quality investment professionals will provide you with market information – so you always have a story to tell your clients

  • Enhances your exit strategy (if you have one) and improves your business multiple (independent consultant valuation supported)


Our approach is meant to help you leverage opportunities, manage investment risk and achieve more consistent returns.  Outsourcing your investment team brings efficiencies that you simply cannot achieve on your own.


Increase your team without adding headcount.  Our team is your team.


What is the best use of your time in your business?

If you could gain more hours in your day by partnering with Anfield Capital, how would you spend your time?


When you are ready to evaluate a potential OCIO (or “Insourced” investment team, as we call it at Anfield), here are some important questions to ask:  

(Natasha – I’d create a graphic using the info from the ruler concept)

  • Are they investment managers?  Or just asset allocators or consultants?      

  • Do they provide people, boots on the ground?   Or are they an advisory-only service?

  • Do they have a long-term verified performance track record?  (preferably CFA Institute GIPS)

  • Do they have a differentiated but an understandable investment philosophy and process?

  • Will they (or can they) help me get additional assets from current clients?  Win new clients and/or recruit Advisors?

  • Are they flexible?  Will they create a customized approach based on your needs?   

  • Are flexible levels of discretion offered?  


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