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March 2022 Muni Market Summary

- Anfield Capital Management

Municipal Market Performance (total return basis) – Source: CreditSights as of 4/6/2022

o ICE Muni IG Index (U0A0): March returns of -3.05%, YTD returns of -6.18%

  • AA and High Yield Indices outperformed the broad index while AAA, A, and BBB Indices lagged

  • Price return for index was the worst month since March 2020, has been negative for 4 months now

o ICE Taxable Muni Index (DQTM): March returns of -5.47%, YTD returns of -9.37%

Muni Returns, Spreads, and Yields – Source: CreditSights, as of 4/8/2022

o Even though Muni yields moved sharply higher in March, Muni credit spreads tightened

  • Biggest movement was in the HY Index, which ended the month narrower by 14bps

  • YTD the HY Index has tightened by 26bps while the A Index has tightened by 21bps

o Index spreads are now tighter than they were prior to the pandemic

  • BBB and A Index ended March 38bps tighter compared to December 2019, HY Index ended 55bps tighter

o Until late March, strong retail demand priced tax-exempt yields too richly for taxable institutional investors subject to the 21% federal corporate income tax rate

  • As March ended and retail demand faded, tax-exempt yields broke through and ended cheaper than after-tax yields on comparable rated corporates

  • First week of April’s outperformance of Munis relative to corporates nearly erased the yield advantage of tax-exempts over comparably rated corporate bond after-tax yields

o The Muni ETFs with the best YTD performance are short-term or intermediate, or have a relatively low duration

Muni Demand, Supply, and Ratings – Source: CreditSights, as of 4/8/2022

o The downward bias for Muni prices was pressured further last month by a surge in net new issue supply, with net supply rising $20.6bn – the most since September 2021

o Negative Muni bond mutual flows, pointing to dwindling demand from retail investors, reduced the strongest source of support for the market

o Muni credit ratings remained mostly steady during the first quarter, with the limited movement out of A was almost completely into AA and most of the movement out of BBB was also upwards

2022 Muni Outlook – Source: CreditSights, as of 4/6/2022

o Until retail demand returns and mutual fund flows turn positive, expect tax-exempt yields to remain attractive relative to corporate

o If April’s new issue volume follows recent historically trends, supply will be down from March but net supply could still provide a headwind for the market

  • Expect the Muni market to continue to underperform in April, with demand starting to increase in May and June as redemptions increase, leading to more reinvestment demand

o Given current rates, economic and geopolitical environment, expect market conditions to remain volatile


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